CHRISTMAS-GIFT-GUIDE-UK-&-IRELAND-FOR-HER-&-HIM-SOURCE-TARMARZ.COMWelcome to my 2015 Christmas gift guide/wishlist. Totally affordable with something to suit every ‘awkward girl who already owns everything’ in your life. Oh, and I’ve even included fun stuff for the boys that won’t break the bank!

First up, the crowd pleasers. I never have anywhere to put my rings & everyday bits and these Anthropologie zodiac star constellation trinket plates are too pretty for the price! Followed by this sweater by Rad(they have loads of cool quotes if this one doesn’t suit), a Kate Spade day planner and personalised name necklace.collage 1

You can’t really wear a pair of Frends headphones and not get a million compliments. Super stylish headphones in lots of pretty metals including rose gold! Next up, a fun phonecase from the kings of stationary  – A prezzie that will make the homeware hoarders happy & a great one for mums/inlaws are these Anthropologie coasters come in some beautiful colours. What could be cuter then a monogrammed knitted mug blanket!

collage 2


Onto the beauty lovers. I’m a big fan of getting luxury beauty as gifts. The sets are such good value at christmas, and your loved one gets to try out a few different products. YSL do awesome sets every year! Another thing that lots of brands come out with at this time of year are compacts with a selection of best selling shades in them. Everyone is always banging on about how amazing the Hourglass ambient lighting powders are, so here looky, 3 ambient lighting powders (can be used as subtle highlight or as a setting powder all over the face) & 3 blushes. Tom Ford are bloody expensive, lets face it. It’s hard to justify the €50 lipsticks for myself but they’re the kinda item you will worship if you own one so if you want to make a true beauty lover squeal, this is your ticket (I love the shade Indian Rose for a safe bet). Next up, Charlotte Tilbury’s (also avail. in Brown Thomas by the way) eyeshadow palette in Vintage Vamp. Her packaging has the wow factor & this is my favourite quad! Lastly, I love the Nar’s limited blush/bronzer palettes, which they are famous for. I got one last year and haven’t bought a blusher since! This year Nars teamed up with Steven Klein to create this set including the must have laguna bronzer.
collage 33

Last up for the gals, some fashion favs. Scarves can be boring, so make sure you get a nice one that will be too gorgeous not to wear like this Asos one below. Next is the marble range from Missguided, which you guys saw me style in my previous post. Affordable, and totally insta-worthy! Perfectly matches this Asos phonecase. Lastly card holder’s are fab, this one from MK is a little slice of luxury and I use mine all the time. Especially great for those who don’t like to carry a purse like myself.collage 3

Onto the boys! Here are some of my favourite stocking filler gifts. Half of you probably now have boyfriends with beards, so this mug kinda’ speaks for itself (although these should really come with an in-built froth remover, I’ve witnessed too many moustache licking incidents). This DIY build smartphone projector is pretty nifty from what I’ve seen from reviews and I will leave two links, one for ebay & another here. It’s cheap, gadgety fun but don’t expect HD quality now folks! Headphones are always just a great present and these Philips wireless(hallelujah) ones are a steal at halfprice at the moment. Asos essentials containing real leather belt & wallet, also a bargain! Finishing off with my favourite male scent which will make you just want to dive into your other half, Viktor & Rolfs Antidote has been my favourite for years, distinct, unusual, still sexy & lasts all day.collage 5


Thus concludes this years gift guide! I hope you enjoyed reading it! I have really enjoyed my two friends Ciara O Doherty & Erika Fox’s Gift guides too, so I would recommend checking those out for more inspiration! Happy shopping, T x

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