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Finally, all my granny chic dreams have come true… It’s safe to say I’m in love with the change! How did I get dark hair this light in one sitting you ask? Catherine, the owner of Hedonist (my regular & favourite salon in Belfast) worked her magic over 6 hours and was able to keep my hair in great condition through my 2 bleaching sessions with Bondplex (same as Olaplex). I’m such a massive fan of anything like the Olaplex and this is my second time using it. It’s a new treatment that improves & protects the condition of your hair. It’s mostly famous for being able to go Kim K blonde extremely fast (which I was before the grey toner went in) but you can get it on its own if your hair is lacking lustre & softness. Catherine also let me know that she now includes this treatment with all her colouring services instead of having to pay it additionally which I found at other salons. To get my hair like this she used the Bondplex lightener with Davines colour. This style is going to be a lot more high maintenance but I’m looking forward to just having fun with it! Also I’d highly recommend Catherine and the Hedonist staff, they are the only salon in Belfast that just gave me what I wanted without making a big fuss about it & took care of my hair in the process! Ill link their facebook here. What do you guys think? T.

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