Marble Layer

Marble-print-fashion-missguided-blogger-tar-mar-tarmarz-bomber-jacket-styling-['15] IMG_7432-ss(1) tar-mar-tarmarz-missguided-marble-print IMG_7432-(x1) IMG_7432-(jj1)'15-fashion-and-lifestyle-blog-UK-&-Ireland-top-blog IMG_7432-hhh(1) tarmar-tarmarz-fashion-bloggerJacket, Sweater, Dress – Missguided, Shoes – River Island

I told you a serving of marble would be on it’s way! The dress is such a cute piece on its own but decided to add another layer because you can’t have enough marble right? I’ve had such bad luck trying to shoot this week, starting off with breaking my favourite camera lens. It’s so difficult to shoot with kit lenses but I was determined to shoot this outfit we persevered and shot it today(rain and all). This outfit always cheers me up when I look at it though, it looks lovely even just sitting in the wardrobe! You guy’s need to check out all Missguided’s marble madness, the fabric is super cosy but good quality too.

In the mean time I’ve sent my lens off to england to be repaired and praying it doesn’t need any expensive parts. It’s so frustrating as I use that lens for my videos also and can’t get much work done without it. This is pretty much my last week or two in Belfast and I’m procrastinating everything, plus now I’m a bit worried that I can’t shoot much before I go back to Cork in December. Straight after this post I need to write a to-do list! I suppose all I can do is work through it and focus on what I can do! Oh my it’s just been one of those weeks…T

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