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This was just supposed to be a picture of my pretty training gear (these are my favourites from Nike, and psssst, the Viritous trainers are in a killer sale RN!) but I kinda turned it into a fitness diary. If you want to know more about my exercise journey, hit the ‘more’ button below!

I’ve been pretty into fitness for the last 2 years, just experimenting and trying out new things to figure out what I like most. However it’s always been inconsistant with things like long days at uni getting me out of the swing of things. Despite this, I was pretty healthy in my final year mainly due to the fact I took up yoga which kinda changed my life! If you can find a genuine studio with teachers that live & breath yoga (in Belfast I go here) it’s the best feeling! Its a great workout plus I found it really de-stressing and made my week seem so much smoother & mentally calm, which is so important if you have a super hectic life. The relax time at the end (if only for 10 minutes or so) is my time just for myself, nothing else. That mental practice of being forced just to take a few moments not to think about anything keeps me going back as I don’t stress out about things half as much now. I was highly strung by nature but I just feel like such a laid back california dude all the time now [gnarley]. Yoga’s been great for a calm workout but fitness is super important to me (hey, I don’t wanna die in the zombie apocalypse ok?!) and I have been doing some workouts from the internet the last few months. I didn’t mind it but I felt I didn’t have a goal or enough knowledge about what kind of training my body needs so last month I roped in my lovely friend Sean to personal train me. I’ve been doing the plan he set out for me for a bout 3 weeks. I feel so motivated and am happy to work out 5 times a week because I have a goal now and am confident in the structure of the training I’m doing. So if your thinking of getting one I’d highly reccommend it. It isn’t cheap but if you are able to work out hard by yourself after you get your plan its worth it! I’m hoping to drop 1-2% body fat by my birthday this month! PS Yay for birthday month (I suppose it justifies all the spending I’ve been doing!). Hope you enjoyed my fitness update. T.

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