She Gotta Have That Balmain – London


Okkk, so this is awkward… Lemme explain why I dropped off that face of the earth for a week! After a pretty good few weeks blogging regularly it absolutely killed me to not post. I took last weekend off (something I’ve been trying to stick to) and by Monday I was running around like a maniac flailing a to-do list! Once I finished up filming all the videos I had to prepare for my exciting trip to London, courtesy of H&M to bring you guys a sneak preview of the Balmain for H&M collection! We also shot our fav looks with the ever so fantastic Conor Clinch and I cannot wait to see the result (and share it with you guys). It was such a treat, twirling around in bits from this highly sought after collection (dropping Nov 5th), camera’s in one hand, pistachio croissants in the other! Made only better then the fantastic company I was in, mostly Irish bloggers Ciara, Roisîn(from H&M), Rebecca & Nuala. I can already tell by my instagram comments people are going nuts for H&M’s latest designer collaboration with Olivier Rousteing, and for good reason! The collection is made up of classic well loved styles from Olivier’s previous collections with a mixture of intricately embellished garments as well as more simple well cut pieces. It’s an extremely diverse collection! Even the London rain or the 2.30 AM call time didn’t but a damper on our midweek trip…

Which brings me up to speed to today! As well as everything else going on this week, it was also my 23rd birthday on Thursday weeeeeeee. It’s not a very exciting age but I really wanted to celebrate it this year. Straight after London, I hopped from Dublin to Cork. After a bit of rest I organised a little shindig at mine on Friday as me and my best friend practically share the same birthday (we are 1 day apart). All my old friends came over and we ate drank and laughed until the early hours. You really can’t put a price on true friendship. So here we are Saturday, you’ve won and I’m just going to let the bed swallow me up. T.x

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