Ok sooooo, I may have went a little cray on the ol’ internet today & bought all of the things. All of them. Well the ones worth buying 😉 It’s getting cold fast, and I thought it was about time to do my bi-annual splurge on new season things. I haven’t been shopping in so long but I find I don’t have much time to actually shop and when I do I like to pay a little bit extra and get good quality pieces I know I’ll love for a long time. I think it worked out really well last year as I still love the pricier knitwear etc that I got then.I bought everything bar the shoes, I’m still thinking about those so I’m going to try them on in store first! My closet is already bursting though so time to have another Depop sale tomorro, its a great app & I sell my pre-loved bits there all the time. Taking tomorro off so see you on Monday beautifuls! T

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