Reaching For… HERE & HERE

Oh Narciso, you know the way to my floral-filled heart. I only ever own a max of two perfumes on the go, Alien by Thierry Mugler being my signature but far two heavy for the intermittent good weather thats been our brief Summer! A few months ago I re-introduced an old favourite from a few years back to the stash, Narciso Rodriguez for her eau de parfum. Theres something about it that just makes me happy, a scent perfect for a sunny NYC day if you can imagine that… It has a refreshing floral scent, mostly like roses with some woody notes that to me say ‘romantic but sophisticated. If you liked Rock n’ Rose by Valentino this is along the same lines but more elegant. I’m so glad I got it again, it’s perfect for the daytime (even if the boyfriend disapproves). It’s a bit of an unusual choice as the packaging doesn’t jump out in a department store, but you grow to love this minimal weighty glass cuboid. Give it a try!

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