Dress – Shein

Yes yes, I’ve been quiet for more then 10 days, but I enjoyed my break in Cork so much and I know you guys will understand. I wanted to treat you guys to a special little photoshoot, more of a photography project actually to apologize. Something a little dreamy, something to make you feel happy…

I’ve wanted to shoot in golden wheat field for over two years, but I always seem to miss the chance, and before I know it it’s been harvested. A a cloudy day mostly, but golden hour graced us with it’s presence for just long enough. Cathal & I didn’t have as much time to shoot as we’d like (I wanted to try way more shots) as it was a bit of a mission to get to it. We literally spotted it up on a hill miles away and sort of- well completely tresspassed through the adjoining fields until we reached the prettiest farmer’s path, laiden with wild flowers that lead us to this gloriously golden field. I have to say, it was pretty exciting & trés romantique if I do say so myself. What better dress to capture these moments in! I hope you fall as much in love with this post as I did, T x

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  • Shaunagh Doyle

    I am from Cork and as a farmers daughter we have lovely fields with lovely views. It would be awesome if you ever came back to Cork! Love the pictures. I am feeling alot happier today! Xx

    • TarMarz

      Hey Shaunagh! Nothing like a country view! 🙂 Im always visiting cork <3

  • So glad to see that you had a lovely break! You look absolutely stunning in these photos, the dress is beautiful! x http://www.justsavxnnah.com

    • TarMarz

      Thanks Sav for dropping by! Appreciate your feedback & glad you liked the post x