A Polychromatic Affair…

900-tarmar-tarmarz-fashion-blogger-instagram-UK-Irish-cork-belfast-graduate-bright-aw- A dangerous departure from my clothing mood of late, but sometimes you just gotta’ have a little more fun with fashion! Amirite?


Midi Jacket – Shein, Shoes – Choies, Bag – Chanel, Glasses – Quay Australia

I definitely should not be writing to you all, or even on my laptop for that matter but I had these images ready to post but didn’t get a chance to share them before my laser eye surgery last wednesday! I’ve been recovering well and feeling like an actual person over the weekend (i.e not dosed up to the nines on brufen & paracetamol) which is great, but also means I’m really bored. I’m not supposed to be on my laptop, phone or watching tv but when your sight comes back around like mine has, you just can’t help it sometimes! I’m not 100% yet but looking forward to getting back into my normal routine and posting as much as I can!

On another note I can’t help but notice the summer is draining away before me, and that annual feeling of ‘what? It’s over? but I haven’t even lived yet!?’ has returned. I’m looking forward to my most comfortable A/W wardrobe but the thought of a long winter/spring is a bit depressing. At least I’ll be in New York hopefully looking at winter with a bit more enthusiam! I suppose I’ve been paying a bit of an homage to summer in my posts this last month and what better way to wind things down with a quirky, brightly coloured bomber-midi (a combination I didn’t even know existed, hurray)! This has fashion week style written all over it for me. T.x

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