TRVL VLOG: Chiang Mai #1

Ok, so I am 1 hour past midnight late for today’s and yesterday’s post but I’ll make it up in content I swear! I ended up spending something crazy like 15 hours editing my Thailand videos, which meant I didn’t get the first one uploaded as soon as I planned, and then I shattered my Iphone which means I wouldn’t have been able to social media the shite out of any new posts anyway, fail! However I promised you content everyday so I’m just going to double post to catch up. I planned to stop posting my videos on my blog just to keep it fresh, but I really wanted to share my first vlog/travel video in a dang long time! I like to drop in every now & again to remind you of my youtube channel as I’m a little more dedicated to it and theres ton’s of extra well, ‘me’ on there that I don’t post on my blog. I post the usual makeup & fashion videos as well as chatty more personal videos. You can subscribe here so you never miss the ones I don’t blog! Part 2 will be up tomorrow! Love- T.

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