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Tarmar-Irish-personal-style-blog-styling-all-white-outfits-from-choies-&-sheinside---lace-crochet-top-with-culottes---Tarmarz.com-Lace-&-crochet-2015-outfit-on-tarmarz.com-tarmar-tumblr-lace-white-IMG_190c2Top – Choies, Culottes – Sheinside

Can you tell I’m a lot more comfortable with the camera these days? Usually I’m in such a rush with getting my outfit shots that I can’t have as much fun playing around with location & poses. It was so nice to spend a little more time on this one as I really love the outfit! This was still a relatively quick shoot but Cathal & myself had a wander and did a little experimenting around our resort in Phuket to see what we could come up with! It was one of the few really sunny days, and the pictures came out quite over exposed which really bothers me on sunny days but I tried to embrace it! I love this beachy minimal hair & makeup vibe too…Should I do a post about my hair? T.

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