Le Pull

Tar-Mar-Summer-Style-on-Tarmarz.com---UK-&-Ireland-Blog---A-line-button-through-skirt-IMG_2289Sweater – Shein, Denim SkirtUrban Outfitters, BootsZara

Happy Tuesday my loves. Today was actually a good day, so good I nearly forgot to post my latest look(which you guys might of seen a sneak preview of in my latest lookbook video)! I’ve been so bleurghhh lately and keep going through spurts of doing way too much then burning out & doing nothing at all. It’s been raining pretty much this whole week that I’ve been in Belfast and as much as I love the sound of the rain it pretty much renders me a useless heap who lies in bed watching one to many romantic period dramas.

Looking forward to shooting some new look this week, but I still have ton’s I didn’t get to post yet so I might throw them in here & there over the next few weeks 🙂 …T.

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