Military Denim

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AHHH a new personal style post, yes yes yes. You guys already know I’m fairly close to my university deadlines for my graduate collection (I pretty much need to make all my clothes in 2 weeks! :-O for my photoshoot!) but I actually have a ton of style posts to share with you, I just didn’t want to share them until I knew the tech issues a lot of you had with this site were fully fixed (which they are, yay). I kind of lost interest in posting knowing like a 1/3 of you were unable to see the posts. Kind of crap but know it means I have plenty of content to last until the end of my all deadlines. It’s so hard not sharing the snippets & BTS’s on instagram!

Enough about my life though, this dress needs a hot minute! I was skeptical about how the fit would be on me but it turned out to be an awesome dupe for the Alexa Chung AC for AG version. I love how tight & fitted the top half is, but the denim is stretchy so its still totally comfortable. Also got to take my new & Other stories shoes out for a spin which were equally as alexa-y/comfortable.

Would love to know what you thought of my first post back! Heres to lots to come! T x


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