Paint Me as a Villain Tar-Mar---Irish-&-UK-Fashion-Blogger-wears-missguided-flowers-& Tar-Mar-Irish-& DRESS, JACKET, KILLER BOOTSMISSGUIDED

FAVOURITE POST EVER. Can we just take a second for Cathal’s skills & how ethereal  the Botanic Garden’s Tropical house turned out? Such a pleasure to share this with you guys.

Secondly the outfit – not going to lie, I was feeling Riri vibes in these heels. I had Childish Gambino’s ‘Sweatpants’ in my head the entire time. Bit different for me but a bit of sun results in bit of over-enthusiastic dressing. I’ve never really worn blue but I can’t get enough of how these muted hues look. Missguided, you are my saviour! I finished off the look with this perfect spring ready grey marl neoprene jacket. If you love this outfit you can win it (minus the boots) over on my Instagram (link in the sidebar->). Cannot wait to hear your thoughts on this one!

Hopefully my website will be fixed when this goes live, so sorry it’s taken so long to fix! T.

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