Vegan Twix Bar Recipe

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The freest of guilt treats, that is if you can stop yourself at one! One word, DELICIOUS!

I’ve been super inspired by one of my favourite veggie/vegan blogs of late Peachy Palate so this recipe is 100% all Michelle’s, but I wanted to share my attempt with you guys as they are just TOO good not to!



One thing you will need is a food processor though, they make life a hell of a lot easier if your interested into healthy eating! You don’t need a super fancy one!

Adapted RECIPE (makes 7):

BASE: 150g Roasted Almond Meal/Flour (just blend alone until it turns into nut butter & remove 3 tablespoons and set aside). 1/4 cup or about 4 Medjool dates with the stone  taken out. Pinch of salt. 1/2 tsp of good quality vanilla extract

FILLING: 1/2 cup or about 6 dates with stones taken out. 3 tbsp of almond butter you removed earlier. Tbsp of water. Optional dash of agave nectar for added natural sweetness!

COATING: 100g bar of dark chocolate 70-80%


1. Blend the 150g pack of roasted almonds until it turns into a smooth drippy butter. Remove 3 Tbsp for the filling later! Add in the 1/4 cup/mug of pitted dates, salt & vanilla extract & blend until crumbly and dates have been blended well. You should be able to mould in your hands like a cookie dough. Mould into desired shape, and dont make these too thick, remember theres another layer going on top! Place on a plate & pop into the freezer for at least 15 mins.

2. While the base is firming up, time to make the filling! Add the 3 Tbsp you set aside of almond butter earlier then add the rest of the dates, (I think I added at least 6 to use up the pack I had) a little less then a tablespoon of water, and I added a about half a tablespoon of agave nectar(organic honey alternative, tesco’s have it) for the craic! Blend really well for a few minutes until theres no chunks. The mixture will be clumpy looking but when you grab some and mould it in your hands it should start looking a bit like soft toffee! Take you bases out of the freezer and mould the filling layer in your hands. Place on top and try smooth down the sides.

3. Now for the dipping! I used 72% dark chocolate & melted in the Microwave for 2.30 minutes, stirring at intervals of 30 seconds. Pick up your bars carefully, and roll them in the chocolate. The chocolate hardens immediately! When your done pop them all in the freezer for at least an hour before enjoying!

These were a massive hit with the fella, I think he might of even said quote ‘they are nicer than actual chocolate bars’, score! If you wanted these to look neater, you could make one big layer for each layer and slice it up then place on top of eachother, but I think the homemade look gives it character! This recipe made 7 bars, but I think I sized them quite generously. These feel really filling and dense so I struggle to finish one, but they keep me full for ages and also satisfy my sweet cravings! The dates are incredible at giving a caramel sort of texture & taste(why not pop them into your chocolate flavoured smoothies), and while the base doesn’t have the crunch of a biscuit, it definitely has the taste. These are best eaten cold & left in the fridge, but they are handy to wrap up & throw in the lunchbox too! Honestly with treats like this, healthy has never been so delicious, just try not to eat too many! Don’t forget to Instagram & tweet me your attempts & idea’s to @tarmarz !


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