Guilt & Gluten free Nut Butter Brownies


Oh my god. If theres anything I’ve learned since this year started, is that you don’t have to cut out deliciousness out of your life just to be in good shape. I eat desert for breakfast and I’ve lost weight if anything! The recipe is super simple but will require a good food processor. Adapted from the gorgeous Zanna’s instagram posts!


  • 1 cup of already ground almonds(tesco) or any flour you want but try and keep it healthy/gluten free free i.e. brown rice flour, oat flour(just use a mug thats not too big this recipe doesn’t require to much preciseness)
  • 1/3 cup of good quality cocoa power. i.e. green & blacks, but the tesco brand one is fine too.
  • 1/2 cup homemade chocolate hazelnut butter (I just make this every time I run out to have on hand as a spread or for recipes like this!)
  • 1/3 cup Agave nectar/organic honey
  • 1/2  tsp baking powder
  • 1 egg
  • 2tbsp of melted and cooled butter
  • 1 tsp of good vanilla extract, ie madagascar
  • Optional: 50g of Tesco finest vanilla white chocolate(100g pack) melted.
  • Optional dried cranberries, add as many as you like

1. Chuck everything into the blender! After a few minutes on a high speed once you get it as combined as its going to get. The mixture will be sort of sticky and and difficult to spread, but its much easier if you just get your hands dirty and spread out evenly in a lined 8×8 tin. I added the cranberries at this stage,mushing them in as I spread the mixture. The brownies wont rise too much so make them as thick as you want them to be. Mine were about 1 inch thick which I would recommend for this consistency. Preheat oven to 180′c degrees for 20 minutes. Maybe a little less if you have a non fan oven like me! Just watch for a nice well done color on top.

2. When brownies are cooled get your optional white chocolate, melt in the microwave for 2 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds. Heres the fun bit, get a spoon and start splatting the melted chocolate back and forth over the brownies.

3. I burnt the first half of my bar of chocolate but it was too delicious to waste so I put it on a piece of lined paper & smushed some cranberries in, and back in the fridge to make a yummy cranberrie brittle! It makes an awesome super sweet snack for lunches or late night cravings

This recipe make 9 decent sized squares. These are the type of brownies I feel taste better cooled so keep in the fridge for a few hours under clingfilm or in an airtight container. The chocolate hardened up again and gives a lovely sweet bite as well as the cranberries give a chew factor! Once the chocolates hardened, pop a slice of bread in the container to keep the brownies fresh for the week! Also I find any time I add agave or honey in my nut butters, the liquid separates from the butter after a day and it works as an advantage for the brownies in this case. The brownies become more moist overnight making them even more delightful and better with each day!

These feel so naughty but infact are a great guilt free desert or in my case I also ate them as an on the go breakfast/lunch snack(can you imagine how good it feels to have something like a brownie for breakfast!). I try and dedicate one day of the week to making little healthy delicious bites like this as I find it satisfies my sweet tooth and I don’t crave anything bad at all because I know I have something more delicious then a chocolate bar or bag of crisps in my fridge! However I do limit myself to one a day and prefer to have them during the day so I know I’ve burnt it off but its great as a little nighttime movie treat too..

After all these treats I’ve been making I thought I would have just maintained my weight, but I’ve actually lost 2 1/2 more pounds in the last 3 weeks. It’s true nuts are fattening but they are filled with good fats and most of the fat particles actually pass through your body and don’t get absorbed. Most of the fat stays in the little pieces of nut that pass through in digestion and are quite literally flushed away if you get my drift… Thats enough chit chat from me, I’m the most rambly food blogger, but the whole nut butter thing has really changed my life this month. It’s literally a matter of throwing your roasted nut of choice into a processor! Don’t forget to Insta & tweet me your creations @tarmarz !

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